Coronavirus: National Party Finance spokesperson 'we need to do more'

coronavirus 03/04/2020

Paul Goldsmith the National Party Finance Spokesperson from the Pandemic Response Select Committee joins Peter Williams to discuss the committee's latest answers from the Police Commissioner.

How much trouble is the country in? Peter begins.

“There’s no question that the economic consequences of all this, jobs, livelihoods is very very troubling.”

Goldsmith explains the Committee asked the Police Commissioner about the biggest hole in the lockdown. For returning New Zealanders, “we’ve left the door wide open,” he says, and the Police are supposed to be checking up on them.

However the Commissioner admitted that they haven’t been as vigilant.

The most important thing is to get out of this lockdown as quickly as we safely can.

Peter asks why the Prime Minister has said the daily Covid-19 test capacity is around 3000, why are we not hitting that number?

Goldsmith replies that they haven’t been able to get a clear answer on the daily testing rate.

When asked what rate of case reduction Goldsmith would like to see before New Zealand is out of lockdown, he explains he’d like to see a very clear statement from the Government saying ‘what does success look like?’

He wonders exactly what they want to achieve to go back to Level 3 Alert, or even Level 2.

“The best place to start to reduce community transmission” Goldsmith affirms, “is at the border.”

This is a good start, but we need to do a lot more.

Listen the full interview above.