Coronavirus: National Party Finance spokesperson believes we are ready for level 3

coronavirus 16/04/2020

Paul Goldsmith, National Party Finance Spokesperson joined Peter Williams this morning to discuss what clarifies safe businesses and the media industry.

“Yes I think so,” Goldsmith replies, on whether the country is ready to reduce from level 4.

He goes on to say “I don’t think there is a good argument for sticking with it indefinitely.”

In terms of safe businesses, he beileves “if businesses can demonstrate good practices where they are able to keep workers separated,” then “there should be an explanation why they shouldn't be able to get back to work.”

We want to reduce the damage as much as we can, he explains

The best way to do that is to get back to work

“The critical thing is unwinding the lockdown and opening economy up,” Goldsmith states in reference to getting New Zealand back to business.

Once we’re out of lockdown, we've got to have some short term stimulus to kickstart the economy.

”It’s the same as for everyone else,” Goldsmith says, in reply to Peter asking how the government can assist the media industry. 

“The complicated part is Facebook and Google taking a lot of their advertising revenue,” he goes on to say “there will need to be some mechanism for some media to get some cut for the things they have produced.”

Goldsmith admits that while the news is an essential service, he doesn’t know if the likes of Married at First Sight counts.

Listen to the full interview above.