Coronavirus: Paul Goldsmith 'we need to have a sense of the ramifications for level 2 and 3'

coronavirus 08/04/2020

Peter Williams is joined by Paul Goldsmith, the National Party spokesperson for Finance to discuss the lack of economic data and the rate of lockdown.

“We need weekly data coming through”, Goldsmith explains, “not just on unemployment benefit but on the shape of the economy.”

He says he would like to see the tax money coming in, growth forecast and unemployment forecast.

We need to have some sense of what the ramifications are for level 3 and level 2 and what their thinking is behind it,

“so everyone can make informed decisions,” Goldsmith states.

Peter asks him what he thinks of Grant Robertsons plan for company directors to go into safe harbour, to which Goldsmith replies a lot of countries have done this.

“It is dangerous, that's why it's critical that all business owners should be having conversations with their banks.”

When asked whether the public will know ahead of time when the lockdown is up, Goldsmith said they’ve been asking for it but “haven’t seen anything specific.” 

We should be looking at opportunities to get as much activity going on as soon as possible.

Listen to the full interview above.