Coronavirus: Peter Williams speaks with 9-year-old grandson on school at home

coronavirus 17/04/2020

Peter Williams spoke to his 9-year-old grandson Victor about what life is like when school is at home.

I think I like them both the same

Victor says, on comparing normal school, and school at home. 

He misses his friends a little, he admits, but he gets to do zoom calls with them once a week. However with up to 30 people on the call at one time he can’t really be heard!

Both his teachers and parents have provided him with a workbook he can fill out, and at 9:30am every morning he sits at the dining room table with his mum to decide a schedule, which he follows for the day.

Throughout the day he uses Google Drive to complete school work, plays online maths games, and has a break doing outside activities, while his little sister completes worksheets to keep busy.

Victor tells Peter he’s “not really” watching the children TV shows that are broadcasting at the moment.

I was quite sad when I heard that cricket and football was cancelled

Victor says, and he is looking forward to going back to school as soon as possible.

Listen to the interview above.