Coronavirus: Ryan Bridge speaks with attendee of Bluff wedding cluster

coronavirus 14/04/2020

The Ryan Bridge Drive Show was joined by Murray Culbert, an attendee of the Bluff Wedding where there was a significant cluster of Covid-19 cases.

There have been 87 people infected from the wedding, or by associates of those who attended the wedding so far.

Colbert and his wife attended the wedding, and soon after his wife, his daughter and himself tested positive for Covid-19.

He explains the first symptoms his wife felt was fatigued, fever, and it felt like she’d just smoked 100 cigarettes.

Colbert felt a sore throat, fever and he had a cough. He explains he thought he was fine, as he is fit and healthy, but Covid-19 can affect every single person differently.

Some people in the cluster had no symptoms what so ever

He doesn't regret going to the wedding, however “it wasn’t just the wedding,” he explains “it was the process of the weekend”, as Colbert says there were a few events across multiple days. 

At the wedding, which was held before the level 4 lockdown rules, there was no shaking hands, Colbery explains “we were careful.”

Since he has been diagnosed with Covid-19, he has felt great support from family and friends.

[The] best thing you can do is stay home

Listen to the full interview above.