Coronavirus: Seymour - 'the government is completely unwilling to uphold the law'

coronavirus 16/04/2020

David Seymour, leader of the ACT party joined Sean Plunket to discuss the Northland road blocks put in place by Hone Harawira and his thoughts on the government's plan for level 3.

Sean begins by re-playing a call made to Leah Panapa’s show on Magic Nights, in which a woman driving to the supermarket in Kaikohe was stopped by two people at a roadblock, asked repeatedly where she was going, and demanded to detail where she lived.

Seymour asked Phil Twyford if legal roadblocks are essential, to which he replied that they aren’t, but made no further comment on the fact.

This government is completely unwilling to uphold the law.

“They're breaking the law,” Seymour says, “they should be detained by police.”

Although Jacinda Ardern's announcement today didn’t detail when Parliament would meet again, as far as Seymour is aware, Parliament will resume normal business on April 28th as previously discussed.

Mediaworks have shown how valuable it is to have a variety of voices and private sector media especially in a time of crisis.

In reply to Jacinda Ardern's plan for Level 3, Seymour says if this virus gets away from us as we go into the winter months, it might be more contagious than we realise. 

He suggests we should try and take the precautions that are lowest cost, and reiterates “we do need to get back to work.”

Listen to the interview above.