Coronavirus: Simon Bridges 'we need to get out of lockdown'

coronavirus 03/04/2020

Sean Plunket is joined by Simon Bridges, Leader of the National Party, and chair of the select committee to find out if its working, and the last week in lockdown.

“The Health Minister should have been following the rules of his government,” Bridges says in reference to David Clark cycling on a mountain bike trail. 

“He should be behind his desk in Wellington, leading by example.”

Bridges admits he agrees with Sean on his opinion of whether Clark should be fired.

The thing we need to do more than anything right now is get out of lockdown

“Our economy is going to be hugely debilitated,” Bridges said, and the best way we can help is to have the most effective lockdown we can.

He suggests to the government; “shut the border, quarantine those coming and test them, do more testing, trace people down and then hunt the virus down.”

Sean asks how he believes people should respond when they come across non-Police roadblocks.

“I would like to see legal advice from the police on what the situation is,” Bridges says, 

I doubt what is happening is legal

When asked whether he is satisfied with the government's process, Bridges admits they have done some things that are better than nothing, “but I think we’ve been too slow.”

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