Coronavirus: Simon Bridges on why we should already be in alert level three

coronavirus 21/04/2020

Simon Bridges believes we should have gone to level three on Wednesday evening as previously planned, and fears that level three will be very similar to level four.

He spoke with Peter Williams this morning about his views on the current government, whether he thinks the election will still go ahead in September and the roadblocks around New Zealand.

Bridges explains he has been inundated with small and medium business people who said in the circumstances they may have been able to last four weeks, but the longer the lockdown proceeds, the closer they are to going out of business.

I give the prime minister a 10/10 for communication

He says, on Jacinda Ardern, however he rates her implementation of that communication a “5/10.”

He feels as if he only recently the government is discussing the lack of PPE and the importance of random community testing.

On the surface, he says the government appears quite good. However underneath, “we just don't quite see it.”

Bridges tells Peter yes, the cabinet should meet on April 28th as previously planned, 

If schools can go back, parliament can be back.

Although, it might be less than the 120 MPs in the building.

“Whilst we’re in lockdown or level 3, talking about people on the doll and businesses out of pocket,” Bridges says, we should be focused on the effort of making it a recovery, “quicker, sooner, stronger.”

On the election still happening on September 19th later this year, Bridge says “it’s a bit too early” to know. 

“The longer we’re not in normality, 19th September seems a pretty strange thing.” He explains they still don’t know yet if they can do door knocking or even public elections.

Bridges also shares that he has heard about some road-blocking not only occurring in Northland, but on the East Coast and Bay of Plenty too. He tells of a 70 year old man who was out to get some milk and was stopped by a Mongrel Mob member.

We need to have one law for everyone.

Listen to the full interview above.