Coronavirus: Wet Market specialist says "the solution is simple - end commercial wildlife trade"

coronavirus 06/04/2020

The Ryan Bridge Drive Show is joined by Steven Galster, Wet Market specialist based in Bangkok to discuss the Wet Markets shutting down and why it is hard for them to stop.

Galster is the founder of Free Land Foundation, who aims to stop the trafficking and the killing of exotic animals. The types of animals in Wet Markets can include Cockatoo, Blue Tongue Lizard, African Meerkats, Rare Tortoise, and Snakes.

The Wet Markets in Wuhan China is alleged where Covid-19 started, Ryan asks whether he believes they have now shut down.

There are “reports that some are opening again” Galster explains, and “some markets that are wide open in other countries.”

Being a multi billion dollar a year trade, “it’s hard for people to stop,” and “some people dont believe corona or another virus will impact them.” Galster says.

A Wet Market is a wildlife market that is served to you as food, Galster explains, but we don’t know for certain that’s where Covid-19 came from.

Scientists agree covid-19 jumped from an wild animal to a person.

“One theory” Galster shares is it started with the Chinese Disease Control Offices who were handling bats as their job.


The dealers get Bats largely from the wild, Galster explains, and traffickers can bring in animals via airplane, boats or trains to China.

After researching this for 28 years, Galster says some markets are owned by the government, however

Most of the trade is run by gangsters.

When asked why these viruses originate in Asia, Galster explains “China is the number one market”, it has the wet market with live and dead animals from different parts of the world.

It takes one sick animal with a bug.

“These markets are torture chambers”, he finishes that he’s glad they’ve finally been exposed.

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