Coronavirus: Why the Australian government is charging Google and Facebook

coronavirus 22/04/2020

The Australian Government is making moves to try and do something about the demise of mainstream media outlets.

The Ryan Bridge Drive show was joined by Australian Correspondent Jason Morrison, Director of News at Sydney’s Channel 7, to discuss how they plan to do this.

The Australian treasurer announced on Monday they have ordered the likes of Facebook and Google to pay media companies for using their content.

The timing of it is interesting, Morrison says, 

It probably should have been done about 12 months ago.

“The media industry is going through tough times,” Morrison states, however the public counts on the media and people require information.

He speaks about a “royalty concept”, charging websites to use our content as artists do with songs on the radio.

You're earning money for this being on your platform.

Morrison explains on Facebook and Google.

The government relies on television and radio to get the word out, he says, but they spend their advertising budget on social media.

Ryan speaks about how in the current New Zealand community, there is a huge backlash on  journalists that people are seeing on TV, and a huge trust has been lost.

Morrison says in Australia, every night, "the news is the #1 viewed show" and "that's how it’s been for a very long time."

Listen to the interview above.