Coronavirus: will we ever shake hands again?

coronavirus 22/04/2020

It’s been a long time between handshakes, and it might be a long, long time before your next…

The handshake evolved in Ancient Greece - it was a way for people to show they meant no harm and weren’t concealing a weapon. Thousands of years later, millions of people use it in every day situations to greet each other. 

But some say the handshake is now dead…. 

We asked you on the Magic Talk Facebook page, and a whopping 69% of people said they'd continue to shake hands - which means about one third of people WON'T.

For more on this, Ryan Bridge was joined by Dr Pamela Paresky on Magic Drive. Dr Paresky is a social scientist, a visiting lecturer at the University of Chicago, a writer for Psychology Today, and was the primary researcher for the bestselling book “The Coddling of the American Mind”. 

Ryan asked Dr Paresky:

  • Why do we shake hands? 

  • Do you think society will go back to shaking hands after the pandemic has passed? 

  • What about hugs, are hugs a thing of the past?

  • Will young people of today grow up being wary of hugs? 

  • How important is touch to humans? 

  • Why do we crave physical touch? 

  • What do we do instead? 

  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning - how long to form a habit?

    Listen to their full conversation above.