Flight Centre customer feels ripped off by the company's $350 per person cancellation fee due to COVID-19

coronavirus 23/04/2020

In a pre-COVID19 world (remember that?), Carol Henderson and her partner booked flights to New Caledonia for their wedding anniversary with Flight Centre. The total cost of the booking was $3300.

Then, coronavirus came to town and mandatory quarantines were put in place, and nearly all flights were grounded. Meaning her trip was off the cards.

Obviously with possibility of travelling to New Caledonia now off the cards, Carol called Flight Centre to enquire about getting a refund on the flights she had booked.

She was offered a credit to take the trip within the next year, but she opted for a refund - which she was then informed there would be a $700 cancellation fee.

$700 because of two people - at a cancellation fee of $350 each.

Carol explains that she was offered $1000 flight credit from the airliner, and that the hotel that they booked had refunded Flight Centre in full - so they had all of the refund - but they refused to deal with Carol and give her back her cancellation fee.

Carol was offered a refund of $1632, which she took as she believed Flight Centre won't be operating in the future.

What do you think of the situation? Does Carol have a right to complain, or should she take it on the chin as she signed the contract? Should changes be made to Flight Centre's cancellation fee - like one fee per booking, not per customer?

Listen to the full audio above.