Jacinda Ardern on when the lockdown will end and what life will be like in Level 3

coronavirus 14/04/2020

The Prime Minister speaks with The AM Show to touch on the Government's plan as we make our way out of lockdown and into Level 3.

Garner asks Ardern what Alert Level 3 looks like for the New Zealand public to which she responds:

"I've spent a number of hours over the weekend working through some of that detail for that Alert Level."

"We released the framework some time ago, and it does include things like the restrictions exist for mass gatherings, as in none, also public spaces continuing not to be open."

It does still have a number of restrictions attached to it.

"More of the detail around the impact on businesses and services we'll be putting out on Thursday."

It will provide the level of detail that you've come to expect with Alert Level 4, and we'll do it for three and two so that businesses can plan ahead.

As for what businesses will operate under Alert Level 3, Ardern continues:

It really will depend on the area that you're operating and your level of contact will the general public.

Garner goes on to question whether it's safe to assume that we'll be entering Alert Level 3 as of the end of next week to which Ardern firmly declines:

No. Take nothing as a given. We've made no decisions around our movement.

"What I can tell you is that we won't jump levels. We will transition through them when we come to move through them."

"We are using the most up to date data that we have. And that's what we'll use on the 28th April to make that decision in real-time. We need to make sure we're using all the information we have to make that crucial decision."

For the full interview, watch the video above.