Lisa Lewis on how sex workers like herself are making money during lockdown

coronavirus 22/04/2020

Everybody is being told to innovate, innovate, innovate. Innovate if you want your business to survive. If you're use to dealing face-to-face with people or have with customers in your store, you should go online and do something different to attract your customers.

This is because, of course, of covid-19.

One person who is doing this very well is an unlikely person. An unlikely profession. Lisa Lewis was running for Hamilton mayoralty, but she has been, and for many years now, a sex worker - and is innovating and doing something different to keep the cash flowing in.

Ryan welcomes her on to his show, where she explains how she's adapted to today's climate - including a new adult website, an 0900 phone number that charges $8.88 per minute and a.... raffle? 

Ryan then called her back on her 0900 number to see to get a sample of her phone service.

Here's some texts sent in from you listening:

Ryan at $540 an hour to talk dirty I'd say Lisa's doing alright. Good on her. Steve

Hi Ryan after listening to you with lisa I need a cigarette & lie down! Cheers Tony 

Ryan after that interview with Lisa Lewis. I would like to say you can UN-uppercut yourself. Stick with the spanking still. I'd pay Lisa to do that to you 🤣 

Good show Ryan. You @ Lisa gave a gòd laugh. Love Sir Bob. Sönia

Ryan thank you for the best show was feeling down with being in a single bubble for 6 weeks you have given me a new lease of life thanks Diana

Listen above. Perhaps not suitable for young ears.