National Party Leader Simon Bridges: "We're not doing enough"

coronavirus 07/04/2020

Speaking with Peter Williams, leader of the opposition Simon Bridges believes we could be and should be, doing a lot more.

Straight off the bat, Williams asks Bridges: 'Testing, are we doing enough?'

To which Bridges responds:

No. We've known now for weeks in the World Heath Organisation, and I [reinforced] 'test test test.'

"The Government was providing averages for the week to smooth things out and make them look better than they appeared."

"We're still not at the number they say they can do which is about 6,000 [tests] a day. We're about 3,500 a day."

Williams goes on to question Bridges whether the current numbers are an indication of success. 

Bridges rightly directs this question to the Public Health experts:

That's ultimately more valuable than politicians, whether it's me or Jacinda Ardern, having a view on that.

Watch the full video above to catch the full interview.