New Zealand doctor warns of inaccurate COVID-19 numbers

coronavirus 09/04/2020

Speaking with The AM Show, Health Researcher Dr. Giresh Kanji believes China is likely to be severely under-reporting coronavirus cases.  

Garner starts the interview from a local perspective, asking whether or not New Zealand is on the right track to get rid of COVID-19 to which Kanji responds:

"New Zealand is certainly on the right track, and I believe the early closure and going to Level 4 quickly was a very good move from the Government."

I believe that hopefully we will be arresting this without the devasting loss of lives that are currently being seen in nations such as Italy, Spain, and will be seen in the UK and the United States very soon.

Garner asks Kanji for his thoughts on the Governments delay in putting a mandatory quarantine in place at the border:

"It is a complete weakness. We have hotel rooms that are empty, we have Air New Zealand catering, that could cope with quarantining people right now and probably as of a month ago."

The cost of deaths is far higher than the costs of quarantine.

As for China, Kanji shares his concerns on their inaccurate reporting.

Ducan confirms, based on Kanji's research, he is insinuating that: "the Chinese Government has deliberately masked the figures so the world doesn't know the truth of what's really happened in China."

There's another 200,000-300,000 cases and potentially, given the modeling of the death rate, up to 30,000 dead that we haven't been told about.