Easter Road Toll: Police Commissioner confirms zero fatalities 

coronavirus 14/04/2020

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster praises Kiwi's for vigilant behaviour over the Easter weekend.

Speaking with The AM Show, Coster reports that there were no fatal crashes over the Easter weekend. 

This is the second time that no road deaths were recorded for an Easter holiday period, with the previous occiasion being Easter 2012.

Although an encouraging result, the Police Commissioner warns against people trying to play naive when attempting to break the rules:

"Some claimed not to know, or they thought what they were doing was ok... We did have quite a number of prosecutions through the weekend, up substantially, because we've lifted our enforcement effort..."

People know the rules know, and there's really no excuses for breaking them.

Gillies asks the Police Commissioner whether or not the domestic violence and other sort of crime also decreased during the Easter break.

We're now back down to pre-lockdown levels. We're very well placed to deal with what we're seeing. Certainly, things like assault, theft, burglary, are back down to their normal levels.

For the full interview, watch the video above.