Police Commissioner warns of stronger 'enforcement action' over Easter weekend

coronavirus 08/04/2020

Recently appointed Police Commissioner Andrew Coster speaks with The AM Show's Duncan Garner this morning to clarify the 'powers' in which the Police hold to stop members of the public.

When asked whether this is right by law, Coster confirms:

The Health Notice requires people to stay in the residence where they have been living. We can stop people, we can put checkpoints in place. Now is not the time to lax off.

When asked whether Police have the right to detain members of the public, Coster continues:

If we need to, we have the power to arrest, and we can charge for breach of the Heath Notice.

As for the warning of complacency over the long weekend, the Police Commissioner firmly indicates tighter restrictions:

We've taken a pretty gentle approach up until this point. We are prepared to take enforcement action if people are deliberately flouting the rules.