Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirms no time reduction of Level 4 lock down

coronavirus 06/04/2020

In light of stabilising numbers, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shares concerns of the public's complacency an inability to remain vigilant during this time...

I don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

The PM went on to breakdown how we gauge the success that self-isolating has within a New Zealand landscape...

"Our criteria is across three different things we look out for..."

  • Rate that the cases are increases at
  • Community transmission 
  • Regional scope

That's the very purpose of Alert Level 4, it helps us get control of that [community] transmission back.

When asked whether we could come out of lockdown early, Ardern firmly declines...

No. We won't be doing that. We actually need a couple of cycles of transmission. And if we did that we would really risk getting ahead of ourselves.