Stuff CEO defends asking for donations from readers amidst financial crisis

coronavirus 20/04/2020

Stuff CEO, Sinead Boucher, speaks with Peter Williams regarding Google and Facebook regulations in Australia, Stuff's recent move to a donation model, and whether their strong bias is negatively impacting the media company during this time.

As for the News Media website asking readers for donations, Williams questions whether they're that desperate to be putting the 'begging bowl' out... to which Boucher responds:

"I would definitely not describe it as the begging bowl..."

Even though the COVID situation has had a severe impact on news media, as it has many other businesses, this is something that has been long-planned.

"As advertising has declined, and has headed off to Facebook and Google, News Media companies have started to look to readers for more direct support of the journalism that they're consuming."

We've brought forward our plans given the impact we've seen on our business in recent weeks.

Williams continues to suggest whether Stuff's editorial stance was not so biased, they would be in a better financial situation, to which Boucher strongly disputes...

Our journalists don't take a bias stance

To which Williams disagrees, referring to Stuff's climate change positioning...

"In climate change, we have chosen to accept the very well established triumph, over many decades, that climate change is happening, and that humans have played a part in that." 

"Journalism should not be about debating whether or not [climate change] is a thing, and instead focus on what are the solutions."

For the full interview, listen to the audio above.