Two 12-year-olds tell Sean Plunket how they're finding doing school work from home

coronavirus 15/04/2020

Like many children in New Zealand, twelve-year-olds Sadie and Ellie are being schooled at home, and told Sean Plunket how they're finding their new schooling experience.

How good are your parents as teachers?

They were ok. Our school sends out links to Zoom video conferencing.

Was it easier or harder than normal school?

Harder. Much harder.

How come, because of concentrating or because the work is harder?

Concentrating. Ellie's not very good at focusing (laughs)

What did you do to help Ellie concentrate?

We need to take away all of her distractions. Her phone and toys.

Did you take them away?

Ellie spoke up.

Sadie took them away from me.

Once you got rid of distractions was it easier?

Yes it was.

How mich school work did you do today, more or less than you would do at school?

Probably a bit less, but it's the first day so probably won't be too organised. It will get more organised.

Did you get homework? Yeah we did. When is that due? I dunno.

What's one thing you might do differently tomorrow?

Try not procrastinate.

That is really good advice. Other than that, how you finding level 4 lockdown?

A little bit boring.

Sean said goodbye to Sadie and Ellie, and then 10-year-old Alisha joined him for a chat.

What was it like?

It was good. We did some maths and telecharts and stuff.

You like maths?


Are your parents involved or just you in front of screen?

Mum does help me but usually own my own.

Do you like doing this in lockdown?

I do.

Do you find it easier to concentrate?


Do you miss your friends and playtime?


How long do you think this will go on for?

I think 3 weeks.

I think that's a good guess. Do you reckon you will learn more in the next 3 weeks homeschooling than at school?

I think about the same.

What's the thing you hate most about level 4? (laughs).