US Ambassador: Trump's not at fault, blames China's response for America's COVID-19 crisis

coronavirus 15/04/2020

US Ambassador, Scott Brown, joins The AM Show to discuss whether America's response to COVID-19 has been adequate.

Brown begins the interview by sharing his condolences to the nine New Zealanders who have sadly lost their lives to the coronavirus thus far, as well as singing the praises of Deputy Prime Minister for his assistance in getting American citizens back home.

Duncan prompts Brown for a reaction to his home town's current position amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and asks whether it could have been avoided if President Donald Trump's actions had been enough.

To which Brown responds: "One thing I want people in New Zealand to recognise is the population density in New Zealand is 18 people per kilometer. In New York City alone, it's 10,000 per kilometer."

We're 340 million people, we're going to have a larger amount of deaths sadly.

Brown then questions Garner personally, as to why he continues to 'hammer' the US President:

"Respectfully, we found about this from China on December 31st. And immediately our CDC [Centers for Disease Control] offered to go to China to help, and they denied, denied, denied."

To say he hasn't done anything... If we had accurate, transparent information, of course, we would have done it quicker.

"Facts are facts. The facts are [China] did not let the CDC or anyone in to help, the facts are that they did not disclose it earlier, had they, experts believe we wouldn't be in this situation."

Had China given us right and accurate numbers, in a very transparent and open manner, our models would have been built differently.

For the full interview, watch the video above.