Willie Jackson goes on 'unhinged rant', calls out Duncan Garner live on air

coronavirus 17/04/2020

National MP, Judith Collins, and Labour Party Minister, Willie Jackson, joins The AM Show to weigh in on the plans for Alert Level 3.

What started as an innocent interview quickly turned into a heated debate between Jackson and Garner, after he claimed both Garner and Richardson were guilty of 'back-stabbing' and 'nonsensical' talk:

"Why am I not surprised by you and Judith, and of course your mate sitting by you... The three of you couldn't be any more negative."

"If we listened to you and Mark we would have opened up the borders and guaranteed everyone three weeks ago."

Well you were wrong. Both of you should apologise to me for your nonsensical talk over the last few weeks.

In a failed attempt to settle Jackson, Garner changes to the subject. Jackson continues...

"We need to listen to the experts. Not you and Mark Richardson. You two are not the experts."

I heard you guys back-stabbing me a couple of weeks ago.

"You were both wrong. We guaranteed at the right time. As you both know, we didn't have the infrastructure to support this a few weeks ago." 

Richardson responds:

I'm sorry. That is one of the most misinformed rants I've heard in a long time.

For the full interview, watch the video above.