'I thought I died' Te Aroha man lost in the bush for three days speaks with Ryan Bridge

News 06/05/2020

The Ryan Bridge Drive Show was joined by Liam McPherson, the 28-year-old Te Aroha man who was lost in the Kaimai Ranges for three days.

McPherson says he is “lucky to be still alive” after being found by two mountain bikers.

He tells Ryan he went out to the bush around midday, and by the time it turned dark he realised he was lost.

Wearing only a tee shirt and shorts, McPherson’s phone had died, so he carried on walking. 

He “tried to keep warm” by putting his head in his bag but McPherson tells Magic Talk he couldn’t sleep as it was “too scary out there.”

Waiting until daylight, McPherson carried on walking the following day, drinking water out of the creek.

He eventually found a hut with sleeping bags, and while inside remembers seeing a deer walk past the window. McPherson shares that beyond this, he has lost all memory of the final few days of being lost in the bush.

After being found on a dirt track by two mountain bikers, McPherson says,

I thought I died.

“I was in tears,” he said, when he finally was out of the bush, and saw everyone, especially his father.

The moral of the story, McPherson says, is do not do it by yourself and he will “go prepared next time!”

Listen to the full interview above.