'We get the politics we think we’re deserved' - Chloe Swarbrick speaks with Sean Plunket

Sean Plunket 26/05/2020

Sean Plunket spoke with Chloe Swarbrick, of the ‘ok Boomer’ comment in Parliament, and the current number three ranking in the Green Party caucus.

“My job is the same as it was yesterday”, Swarbrick explains that the Green Party is keeping on with their work.

The latest poll for National and New Zealand First didn’t reflect too positively, and Swarbrick says the Green’s ”have got work to do.”

Sean asks her whether it’s possible Labour will give them an easy run in Central, to which Swarbrick replies that he would have to ask the Labour Party about that one.

“There’s a lot of call from the National Party for ‘business as usual’,” Chloe goes on to say, but,

What we have here instead is an opportunity to reset things like inequality.

She wants to push the government to do better with the rest of the unemployment benefit, and says that Kiwis need to engage and get involved with politics if they want to see change.

We get the politics that we think we’re deserved.

Listen to the full interview above.