'We're in the middle of the biggest health crisis since WW1' - David Seymour

Sean Plunket 28/05/2020

Sean Plunket spoke with David Seymour to discuss Capital & Coast DHB prioritizing Maori and Pacific Islanders for elective surgery in their district.

“We need more from our government than great public relations”, Seymour starts by saying “that seems to be all we get.”

We’re in the middle of the biggest health crisis since WW1.

Is discrimination in health care on the grounds of race illegal? Sean asks, to which Seymour replies “the bill of rights protects us on discrimnation on racial grounds.”

Seymour explains other DHBs have contacted him, and told him they have been asked to do the same thing by their senior management.

This government needs to take responsibility.

“We cannot afford to be a country that is focused on outdated, 18th century racial profiling,” Seymour states.

Listen to the full interview above.