Music Entertainment Promoter Brent Eccles on the future of live music events in NZ

coronavirus 06/05/2020

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and many countries in lockdown, nearly all concert tours and live music events have either been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

This has been a devastating blow for artists and concert promoters alike. 

Brent Eccles, Managing Director of Eccles Entertainment and Frontier Touring, joins Sean Plunket on the program to discuss the future of live music events in New Zealand, and when we can expect to see them again.

Eccles says live music events are essentially "dead in the water", and the likelihood of any international artist coming to New Zealand won't be until the summer of 2021-2022.

There is more hope for local concert tours, if New Zealand can become a covid-free country, and if we are able to create a trans-Tasman bubble with Australia.

However, Eccles says the live music industry will only work in Alert Level 1, as Level 2 rules only allow indoor gatherings of up to 100 people (or outdoor gatherings of 500 people) - in his words, "might as well be nothing".

Listen to the full conversation above.