Coronavirus: Aircraft engineer explains medium size airplanes can take 'up to 400 hours' to store

coronavirus 04/05/2020

Shaun Pattenden, a Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer joins Roman Travers on The Sunday Cafe to discuss the airline industry and what happens to planes when they are not used.

There are a lot less aircrafts in the sky globally, Pattenden explains, due to Covid-19.

Roman asks him aircrafts are stored, to which Pattenden replies that some planes are actually stored in deserts for long periods of time.

In New Zealand however, airplanes are stored at the airport because of Covid-19. Pattenden explains airports are generally used for operational purposes, so this is “not an ideal” scenario.

Typically, Pattenden says, a medium size airline can take up to 400 hours of maintenance to get it into storage.

“They’re designed to be at high utilisation,” tells Pattenden, the costs don't stop when they are not used.

Listen to the interview above.