Coronavirus: Dr Pani Farvid explains how to cope with your significant other in your bubble

coronavirus 04/05/2020

Dr Pani Farvid, Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology at The New School University in New York joins Roman Travers on The Sunday Cafe.

Speaking to him from her eighth week of lockdown in New York, Dr Farvid explains how couples may be coping in isolation.

The Counties Manukau Court has gone from around 20 protection orders a day to now over 100 with Dr Farvid explaining this is because people are living together and tensions are rising.

Physiologically not knowing what's ahead is a huge stress for individuals

Uncertainty about economy, jobs, travel, Dr Farvid says, when your daily routine is interrupted, and you don’t have your normal buffer, “it can create a situation that’s high in tension.”

There's probably quite a range of relational difficulties at the moment, Dr Farvid explains.

We have to accept what a challenging time we’re in

“Limit exposure to each other,” Dr Farvid recommends, if you’re upsetting each other.

She also recommends parents remaining calm about Covid-19 and the repercussions in front of their children, so they feel a sense of security.

Listen to the interview above.