Coronavirus: Harold Hillman shares how to not become burned out while working from home

coronavirus 11/05/2020

Roman Travers is joined by Harold Hillman on The Sunday Cafe to talk about the virtual world we have all found ourselves in, and how to not become burned out.

Hillman explains that although there are many upsides to working from home and taking Zoom meetings throughout the day, it is crucial to take breaks if you are sitting in front of a screen for 10 straight hours a day.

“I think I’ve been busier in the lockdown than I was before” Roman says, and Hillman says it’s usually the May/June part of the year where people need to be purposeful about resistance.

Burnout is real.

“Part of it is self imposed,” Hillman explains, the symptoms can include someone who looks tired and “doesn’t seem to be connected”, and may be acting more inward.

The level of anxiety is clearly up, Hillman goes on to say, and he recommends individuals get into a routine, give your body a chance to breathe, and stay away from the fridge!

“You have to sleep, you have to rest,” Hillman reminds listeners.

Listen to the full interview above.