Coronavirus: Harvard dream reseacher explains why dreams are more vivid during pandemic

coronavirus 06/05/2020

The Ryan Bridge Drive Show was joined by Dr Deirdre Barrett, author of The Committee of Sleep as well as a Harvard dream researcher, to discuss what people are dreaming about during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Some people are having vivid dreams that aren't about the pandemic,” Dr Barrett explains, however a lot of people dream “directly about the virus.”

Bugs, ants or cockroaches are among the descriptions Dr Barrett has received on what individuals link to the virus.

As the virus is invisible, she explains it’s hard to dream about.

Dreaming is just thinking in a different biochemical state.

Take Dr Barrett's survey - what have you been dreaming about during Covid-19?

Dr Barrett says over seven thousand dreams have been logged through her survey, with people inputting every dream they've had about the pandemic.

Some people naturally remember four to five dreams a night, she explains, where others might not even remember they have dreamed.

Ryan asks Dr Barrett whether we are likely to see regular characters in our dreams, to which she replies “the typical dream has more people that you know.“ 

She goes on to explain some strangers and famous people will usually make it into our dreams.

Through the pandemic, she has found people are dreaming more about their family

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