Coronavirus: Kiwi living in Japan tells Leah Panapa he's 'jealous' of New Zealand

coronavirus 07/05/2020

Leah Panapa was joined by caller Mark, a Kiwi living in Japan for the past 25 years. He wanted to share how jealous he was at how New Zealand had handled the level four lockdown.

In Japan the number of cases are still rising, and Mark explains “it’s not legal” to have a lockdown in Japan.

There is no clear guideline for how people behave, Mark shares, and there is no ‘bubble’ rule.

He spoke to Leah about how he knows people are in hardship in New Zealand, however in Japan “it looks like things are going to go rather badly.”

Mark himself works with an online business so he can stay operating, and will probably continue to reside in Japan.

Listen to the full interview above.