Daughter pleads for quarantine exception, wins fight to say final goodbye to dying mother

coronavirus 08/05/2020

Hannah, who traveled from Perth, is told she can't see her dying mother after being forced into hotel quarantine - but she fights to say her final goodbye.

Speaking with Peter Williams, Hannah details that her mother, who is awaiting a heart transplant, has taken a turn for the worse. After deciding not to recieve any further treatment, she has returned home to Dannevirke, living out her last days.

Even with supporting documents from her mums cardiologist, even her own GP, Hannah has been denied a medical exception which allows her to self-isolate from a property.

Update: Since speaking with Hannah on Tuesday, her request to self-isolate outside of the managed isolation has been approved.

Hannah updates Peter on the latest, and whether the change in circumstances has come about due to Monday's court decision and the revisiting of those 24 cases.