David Parker - 'A new set of rules will make sure the rivers are clean to swim in'

Sean Plunket 28/05/2020

Sean Plunket spoke with David Parker about the environment, and the new measures the government are following on cleaning up New Zealand rivers.

Parker explains there will be a set of rules that when implemented;

Will make sure the rivers are clean to swim in.

These include rivers in city areas and rural areas, with Parker wanting New Zealanders to be able to head down to their local river and put their head under the water without getting sick.

I want my kids to be able to do it.

Parker explains some of New Zealand’s most polluted rivers are sometimes downstreams from cities, such as Auckland.

“We’ve got a 700 million package here, out of the budget to employ people to help overcome these problems,” he explains, and goes on to say these workers will help fence wetlands, planting out the streams and this will provide jobs for people who were displaced from other jobs.

Listen to the full interview above.