Duncan Garner: Just spending and borrowing won't fix New Zealand's economy

Opinion 15/05/2020

OPINION: If throwing money at the economic mess was going to fix it then Grant Robertson's Budget nailed it.

If borrowing $50 billion is the answer to fixing the economy, then this Budget will have us back on our feet in no time.

Sadly, it's not that easy.

They may have allocated the money, but it doesn't mean they know what to spend it on.

There is a massive difference. Like Shane Jones' regional growth fund. 

The allocation doesn't mean it's been spent on anything useful or any decent jobs have been created. 

Money must be backed by a clear plan, and I still haven't seen one.

But I think something might be emerging.

Labour has been smart to offer this free apprenticeship training backed by billions of dollars.

It's designed to upskill the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of workers in tourism who are being axed.

This new retraining programme alone will keep unemployment lower than many predicted.

And free apprenticeships. 

Let me say it again: free apprenticeships! Finally.

According to Warick Quinn from BCITO, this is the biggest and most positive move in the building sector in 40 years.

We are so short of builders, that we had to import them following National's brain dead decision in the 90s to axe apprenticeships.

So this is your chance to rebuild your career and rebuild New Zealand. 

We need to build houses in a recession, not on the other side of it.

If only Phil Twyford had put some damn work into Kiwibuild, our new builders would have had a work-ready job to step into.

Never mind, Phil is still there, in charge of economic development.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.