Finance Minister Grant Robertson on the Government's 2020 budget released next week

Ryan Bridge 07/05/2020

The Government's 2020 budget is released next week (Thursday 14th May).

Some pre-Covid plans are on ice, we'll be running deficits for an extended period of time, and debt levels will reach an all time high.

Ryan Bridge welcomes Finance Minister Grant Robertson on the show to talk about - what's going to go on ice? What's the cost of Covid-19, and locking the country down? Will this mean less is spent on health or education?

Robertson explains that their "new operational spendings" that support the five priorities they've identified - mental health, childcare, low carbon economy - 

Robertson explains that new operational spendings that do not help the response to Covid-19 have been put on ice, but will return to them at a later time. The focus is to help New Zealanders through this time and rebuild the economy.

The budget is made up of two halves; one half is making sure we are meeting the needs of education and health (and other prioritised areas), and the other half is beginning the recovery and rebuild of covid. 

Ryan also asks, did we make the right decision from an economic viewpoint to shut down the country in a way we did, or can we not say yet?

We undoubtedly made the right decision.

 Listen to their full conversation below.