Former Air NZ CEO Rob Fyfe on how he's helping the government and businesses navigate COVID-19

coronavirus 01/05/2020

He led one of our biggest companies through some difficult years, and now he’s been shoulder-tapped to help the Government through it’s most difficult challenge yet....COVID-19.

Former Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe joins Ryan Bridge to explain his new role as a liaison between government and business.

Fyfe explains that he has been working in the COVID-19 operations command center, initially working closely with the Police Commissioner to make sure businesses could operate safely, and help co-ordinate the efforts from entrepreneurs like Nick Mowbray and Stephen Tindall. 

He’s now looking at what the future means for businesses, and what opportunities there might be.

Government isn't design to move fast; government is designed to consider everything very carefully. We needed to be able to move fast and that's where business could come in and play a significant role.

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