"Out of necessity I have had resilience" - Jessica Cox, the worlds first armless pilot

Latest - Magic Talk 12/05/2020

The Ryan Bridge Drive Show was joined by Jessica Cox, a motivational speaker that despite being born without arms, is the world's first licensed armless pilot and the first armless blackbelt at Taekwondo.

Cox tells Ryan it’s only six more days until she’s able to be back in the sky flying a plane… which she uses her feet to pilot.

She flies a little differently than other pilots, and explains “there are some things I have to be a bit more cautious about”

Growing up without arms “required problem solving” Cox explains,

You can accomplish what you want.

“Out of necessity I have had resilience” Cox goes on to say, she doesn't know if she wuldh have accomplished the same things if her life had started differently.

Its okay to be different

“I get dressed without even thinking about it,” she says, but it does take longer than the average person to get ready in the morning.

Cox tells Ryan that she was given the option of prosthetic arms for 11 years, and would wear them everyday to school, however she personally doesn't like them.

When she started high school she wanted to wear contacts “like everybody else”, and the first time she tried to put them in with her feet she had no issues.

Listen to the full interview above.