John Banks speaks with political commentator: 'the coalition is effectively dead'

Latest 21/05/2020

John Banks is in for Ryan Bridge this week on Drive, and he spoke with Matthew Hooton, political commentator to talk about the latest TVNZ poll numbers.

The Labour Party is currently at 59%, with the National Party at 29% - Banks says he can't ever remember at time it was ever below 30%, however Hooton says it was, in 2002.

What has never happened before in the history of polling in New Zealand, is for National to be 30 points behind the Labour party!

“He has made some significant miscalculations”, Hooton says on Bridges, in terms of how he’s handled his role.

This is the worst crisis since the end of the second world war,”

Hooton claims, “and National sounds like they don't appreciate this problem.”

There has been a time where national would lead labour, Hooton says, but "the coalition is effectively dead at this point."

“Winston Peters is already without power” Hooton finishes, saying that he’s probably on his way out.

Listen to the full interview above.