Mark Richardson: "I'm ashamed of New Zealand"

Opinion 18/05/2020

New Zealand experienced relaxed lockdown conditions over the weekend for the first time in more than two months - but that didn't stop people breaking the rules.

A poll on Monday morning's AM Show revealed 14 percent of people admit to breaching the conditions of alert level 2 - and Mark Richardson says their behaviour should be kept quiet.

He said the police non-emergency line had gone "doolally" with Kiwis eager to snitch on others, and it was unacceptable. 

I'm ashamed of New Zealand - it's become a country of narks.

However co-host Amanda Gillies delicately pointed out Richardson was being a tad hypocritical.

"Because you rang that number once, maybe twice, do you regret that now?"

Richardson strenuously denied being a nark saying the circumstances he called the police under were totally different.

"I did it because I was worried about the safety of this person,out by themselves in the early hours, so I rang the police to check and see if they were okay," he told Gillies.

According to Richardson, the lockdown conditions mean New Zealanders are "basically in prison" and therefore should look out for each other.

"You don't nark to the guards!"

Under alert level 2 which began last week Kiwis are allowed to gather in groups of up to ten, and cafes, shops and bars will all reopen. However people are urged to maintain a two metre distance from each other.

According to co-host Ryan Bridge, the two metre rule means everyone will be in violation of the conditions.

"Trying to stay two metres away from a stranger is just impossible, everyone will have broken the rules." 

Bridge said while he hadn't intentionally gone against the alert level 2 conditions, it was likely he had accidentally breached the two metre rule.