Mediaworks Canterbury Regional Manager clears up the firing of Breeze radio host Dave Dunlay

Sean Plunket 04/05/2020

Earlier this week, The Breeze Christchurch radio host Dave Dunlay was fired for breaching COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown restrictions.

Dunlay, who was the host of The Breeze Christchurch morning show, travelled from his home to another location during the country's alert level 4 lockdown.

"While we were in alert level 4 lockdown, Government direction was very clear that no one was to travel over Easter," a Mediaworks spokesperson said.

"Despite this, Dave Dunlay decided to proceed with a prearranged trip and travelled from his house to his holiday home for the Easter weekend where he stayed for several nights - a decision that we found incredibly disappointing."

When news broke, initial reactions by many in the public questioned the severity of the punishment, with several claiming it was too harsh and standing him down, rather than firing, would be more appropriate.

Sean Plunket invites Mediaworks Regional Manager (Canterbury & Otago) Rob McDonald on to the show to get the other side of the story, and explain what other factors went into Dunlay's dismissal.

We considered all the options. But I think the point is, from Wed 25th to the Thursday night he was part of a broadcast team that broadcast over 472 COVID messages that he ignored. It's a very hypocritical situation.

Sean asked did he refuse to modify his behaviour, even after being counceled.

He refused to. He carried on and decided that he would have his vacation. It was incredibly disappointing.

Listen to the full interview above.