Responsible Campers Association: banning foreign freedom campers is "never gonna happen"

Sean Plunket 07/05/2020

There has been growing support for a petition to ban all non-residents from being able to freedom camp in New Zealand.

The peitition, created by Jennifer Branje, has received over 7223 signatures in support, requests that the House of Representatives urges the Government to abolish all freedom camping for non-residents of New Zealand in support of local tourism providers, and to cease allocating taxpayer revenue for further development of free camping sites.

The petition has received over 7223 signatures of support, and continues to grow.

Bob Osborne, Secretary for the Responsible Campers Association, has his own petititon (launched May 6th), asking that the House of Representatives urge the goverment to undertake a review of freedom camping in New Zealand.

Bob doesn't want to ban foreigners from freedom camping in New Zealand, but he does want to see something change in how it is currently operating.

Bob joins Sean on the show to discuss this hot topic.