Ryan talks to Australian comedian-chef Nat's What I Reckon

listen 15/05/2020

He looks like something you’d pick up at a rock concert - young, covered in tattoos, filthy mouth… but he’s teaching young people how to cook real food.

Yes real food, with real things - like vegetables.

He's got around 740,000 Facebook fans and 440,000 YouTube followers, and he's turned into a social media superstar after posting his unique recipe videos, complete with foul language and humour, to teach the younger generation how to cook in the kitchen.

Here's one of his videos below - called "End of Days Bolognese":

Australian comedian-chef Nat’s What I Reckon joins Ryan Bridge to talk about his recent internet success, how he learnt to cook, and whether younger people are better or worse at cooking than previous generations.

Listen to the interview above.