"Why shouldn't you be able to defend your community?" - John Tamihere and Sean Plunket clash over roadblocks

Sean Plunket 05/05/2020

Over the last five weeks, approximately a dozen roadblocks have been put in place, not by police, but by members of the community, who then are questioning and blocking drivers from accessing certain areas.

The government has given confused and unclear message on the legality of these roadblocks. The police say they're working with these people and will put police at the roadblocks that remain.

However, earlier today Sean spoke to an essential worker who was told they would need an "iwi travel permit" to travel through the area; if they didn't have one, they wouldn't be allowed to pass.

Sean Plunket invited Maori Party co-leader John Tamihere on the programme to discuss this controversial topic.

Sean asks what he makes of these roadblocks, to which Tamihere replied:

There's two ways of looking at it - the way you have - "roadblocks", or the way I look at it - "safety checkpoints".

Tamihere further goes on to say that there have been positive outcomes from these roadblocks/checkpoints, like stopping drugs being trafficked into the community.

Listen to the full conversation above.