Simon Bridges: Legality of lockdown highly questionable, investigating 'illegitimate' Police activity

coronavirus 04/05/2020

Speaking with Peter Williams, Simon Bridges questions the legality of the lockdown and his plans on summoning the release of Crown Law advice from the Attorney General, David Parker.

Images of Police officers were sweeping Sumner Beach over the weekend in an attempt to move along hundreds of people flocking to soak up the Sunday sun.

While many felt they were obeying Level 3 rules, police today were clear: if you're not exercising. clear out. 

As for Bridges' position, he warns of 'over-bearing, illegitimate Police actions.'  

"We should follow the rules. But when Police have got the time to be on the beaches doing what they're doing, and the Police Commissioner tells me to my face that they're not going to deal with illegal checkpoints, in fact, they're going to get alongside them, they're not going to deal with very real gang issues, I think we've got a problem there."

Going after law-abiding, good New Zealander's, rather than actually ones that are clearly breaking rules and doing illegal things.

"Overall, the legality of the lockdown is highly questionable, that's what academic lawyers and the law society have said to myself and my committee."

"Tomorrow at the committee we're going to have a discussion; my position is clear, we're going to summon that legal advice from either the attorney general or the director-general, and ask them to provide us the legal advice."

Williams questions whether this, in fact, will have any development with Bridges having already requested this from David Parker, which he refused.

"Now we're going to go one step further, we're going to summons it. Now, ultimately we'll see what they do. If they refuse that, I think that tells you all you need to know." 


The inference to me would be we're in an illegal situation here where Police can't do the things they've been doing.

"Now the answer to that may well be a new law, and I would co-operate with that within reason."

For the full interview, listen to the audio above.