Ryan speaks to woman who's had to wait over 4 weeks to bury her mother due to alert level restrictions

Audio 13/05/2020

 This is absolutely heartbreaking.

Susan Green lost her mum, Moeroa, to pneumonia on Good Friday. That's more than a month ago now.

Moeroa died from pneumonia on April 10, and she's still in the funeral home waiting for the family to make a decision.

Level 4 lockdown rules meant funeral services or tangi were not able to take place for four weeks. 

They were hoping that they would be able to bury her in Level 2, believing that the restrictions would be lifted and the entire family could attend.

Then the Government announced a 10 person limit, which shattered the Green family's hopes to pieces.

The Government has since changed their stance on maximum number of people at funerals, from 10 to 50. The decision to allow 50 people gives some relief but it's not enough for a big family.

Susan's aunty died a week after her mum, and her uncle passed away this morning. Our thoughts and condolences are with the family.

Listen to Susan's conversation with Ryan below.