The Divorce Diaries - Sarah Quigley talks new book

The Sunday Cafe 18/05/2020

Roman Travers is joined by Sarah Quigley on The Sunday Cafe to talk about her new book ‘Divorce Diaries’, the heart-breaking process of leaving a marriage and starting over. 

Quigley shares how she faced a lot of difficulties in her marriage, and that she felt unsafe.

It was in the last few years of her marriage that she says,

I felt so alone

She didn't talk to anyone about her problems, but then she realised how other people in relationships might be feeling.

Starting out writing a column in NEXT magazine, Quigley explains she received positive feedback and decided to turn it into a book.

Available in bookstores now, the book aims to help those that are struggling and feel as if they have no one to turn to.

Listen to the full interview above.