Washington Post's Anna Fifield on Winston Peters angering China over Taiwan comments

coronavirus 12/05/2020

Has Winston Peters poked the Chinese dragon?

Peters recently praised Taiwan, claiming the state's successful measures against COVID-19 are vital resources in the fight against the worldwide enemy.

His response continues a tense back-and-forth exchange between China and New Zealand, which began when Peters, the Foreign Minister, called for Taiwan, or the Republic of China - a state considered by the Communist Party of China (CCP) as its territory - to have a seat at the WHO's table. 

During a news conference in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian issued a stern condemnation in response to Peters' comments, claiming that expressing support for Taiwan violates the "one China" policy. 

"We express our strong dissatisfaction with the statements and resolutely oppose it, and we have already made stern representations with New Zealand," Zhao said.

"China urges New Zealand to strictly abide by the 'one China' principle and immediately stop making wrong statements on Taiwan, to avoid damaging our bilateral relationship."

Washington Post Beijing Bureau Chief Anna Fifield joins Ryan Bridge to discuss the implications of Peters' comments.

Listen below.