Former Attorney-General Chris Finlayson: Police arrested people illegally in first week of lockdown

coronavirus 04/05/2020

Was the level four lockdown legal?

Leaked emails to New Zealand Herald show that top police officials questioned the legality of their staff enforcing the lockdown.

Crown Law advised there was little to no power to enforce the Government's lockdown rules.

Ryan Bridge is joined by former Attorney-General Chris Finlayson, who says the police did arrest people illegally in the early weeks of the lockdown.

The state can't exercise power of people without legal authority to do so. Where do they get that authority from? From the laws.

Finlayson "absolutely" believes the Government should release the full Crown Law advice, and that the government is not facing the appropriate scrutiny for their recent actions because most journalists aren't asking the tough questions - they're just parroting what the government says.

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