'Footsteps on the moon will last for a minimum of 100 thousand years' - Space commentator

The Sunday Cafe 04/06/2020

Roman Travers spoke with Matthew Pavletich from The New Zealand Space Flight Association about the first private vehicle which carried astronauts to the International Space Station from Florida's Kennedy Space Center, on Sunday.

It was the first launch in nine years, Pavletich explains, due to political reasons in the US.

“It is purely a test flight,” he goes on to say, they have to test the light support and navigation system.

Footsteps on the moon will last for a minimum of 100 thousand years, maybe longer.

Once you are up in the air, you are orbiting 17,500 miles per hour, Pavletich explains, which takes 19-48 hours depending.

The spacecraft heads up for ‘one to three’ months, they don’t know how the solar panels will last until they are up there, so the timing isn't confirmed.

They discuss the cost of the launch, the story behind the spacecraft's name and why they are heading to the international space station.

Listen to the full interview above.